Severe Weather Plan

If severe weather is in the area and the University Mass and University Commencement Ceremony are moved indoors, information will be sent by way of text message to those who register to receive NDAlert Emergency alerts. In order to receive these messages, graduates and guests must opt-in. To opt-in, please text NDClassof2020 to CAMPUS

The Severe Weather Plan refers only to the Sunday morning University Mass and University Commencement Ceremony. In the case of severe weather and the Severe Weather Plan is implemented, these events will be moved from Notre Dame Stadium to the Joyce Center Purcell Pavilion. Should severe weather threaten, this website will have updated information by 7:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.  If the ceremony is moved to the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center or delayed, a message will be sent to attendees via the email address provided during registration.

What constitutes Severe Weather?

Severe weather is considered lightning, high winds, heavy and persistent rain.

It is stated that the University Mass and University Commencement Ceremony will be held in the Notre Dame Stadium on Sunday morning “rain or shine”. What does that mean?

It is the intent to conduct the University Mass and University Commencement Ceremony in the stadium even if it is raining or the weather conditions are not ideal. Also, the event could be delayed for up to an hour while a storm passes through the area. Only if there is "severe weather" will the event be moved indoors. 

What if there are dangerous weather conditions?

If the threat of tornado is apparent, emergency personnel will be available to assist guests to secure building locations. Depending on the timing and severity, it is possible that commencement activities will be delayed or canceled.