Campus Partners

Human Resource Consultant (HRC)

Our Human Resources colleagues assigned to support the University Enterprise and Events team are Sharon Hawkins, Associate Director of HR Consulting and Ten Gray, Human Resource Consultant (HRCs). They provide guidance and support for employee relations and performance management. Sharon and Ten also serve as liaisons for the UEE and Campus Safety and University Operations divisions by collaborating with HR's Centers of Excellence (COEs) and  People Services team to provide compensation consultation; collaborate on training and information sessions, dissemination of policy information and building teamwork; participate in recruiting initiatives; assist COE's in design communication, implementation and administration of HR programs and initiatives.


Talent Acquisition

Caity Daus and Jessica Orta are HR representatives dedicated to UEE recruitment. As key partners they assist with conducting intake meetings for EIC & M postings, assist with managing the postings and candidate statuses in PeopleAdmin, advise on recruiting efforts, attend career fairs and post on external websites.


  1. Caitlyn Daus

  2. Ten Gray

  3. Sharon Hawkins

  4. Jessica Orta